Intelligent mastering
with analog sound.

  • The true analog sound of the Drawmer 1973 multi-band compressor
  • Shapes your mix with clarity and definition
  • Ten styles to choose from



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Dynamics / Console 1 Ready

Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor

USD 89


For the mastering engineer, a multi-band compressor is a powerful tool. But a multi-band compressor that is not used diligently may create more problems than it solves. This is why we created Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor.

Use it to shape your mix with clarity and definition that no regular compressor could ever provide.


"It's a very nice better-maker plugin. Great to slap on the master to get your writing session sounding interesting, but also great for individual busses that needs some life and also in the mastering stage."

Axel Hedfors a.k.a. Axwell
DJ, remixer, record producer and one third of what once was Swedish House Mafia

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Intelligent Design

A semi-automatic mastering device with a three-band compressor, mid/side capabilities, and transparent filters inside, the S73 makes the choices a mastering engineer would, so it always sounds great.


Minimum Tweaking

Simply use the Style parameter to switch between ready made mastering processing techniques, quickly finding the sound that suits your mix.


Set and Forget

The S73 makes your mixes brighter, louder, wider – whatever you want it to be – with ease. Just set it and forget it, safe in the knowledge you've supercharged your mix.



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Extended Features

We love VU meters, Bakelite knobs, and analog quirks. But we want modern precision and workflow. The answer? Softube Extended Features. Easy-access panels with the innovations you need close at hand


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"I've done multiple mixes with the S73 now and still can't believe the ease of use for getting the punch, clarity and width."

Ron Harris
Producer (Christina Aguilera)

Clarity and defintion

Under the hood, the S73 is based on technology created by Drawmer for the 1973 Three Band FET Stereo Compressor. This is an award winning multi-band analog compressor design famous for its precision and flexibility. But as with all multi-band compressors it takes care and experience to find the sweetest of sweet spots.

With the S73 we've found them for you, and the sound design behind each Style represents an expert mastering engineer's skill and taste. You'll have no trouble getting the best out of Drawmer with this special little unit.

Close to the original

Softube has carefully modeled all the characteristics of the original analog hardware at component level, so what you hear in the S73 is truly the real thing in action.

"I think they've nailed it," says Kieron Clough, Products Manager at Drawmer. "Ivor [Drawmer] thinks they've nailed it as well. It's fantastic!"

The S73 is the way to get top-of-the-line analog hardware on your mastering bus without fear of choice paralysis or losing yourself in the details. It's called the Intelligent Master Processor because it makes the tough decisions for you, leaving you free to listen to the effect.

Console 1 Ready

This plug-in can be used within Console 1, our mixing system. Click to learn more.

"This is a beautiful and thoughtful capture of the essence of the Drawmer sound. Punch, clarity and character for days. A new go-to for drums. Fantastic."

Brian Transeau a.k.a. BT
American music producer, composer, technologist, audio technician, multi-instrumentalist



"Easy to use, Sounds smooth and subtle, generally. Air switch gives instant pro mastering finish to dull mixes."

Computer Music / MusicRadar


"The S73 IMP’s multiband compression is so transparent that you can probably afford to dial in more of the wet sound than you would with a conventional compressor."

Sound On Sound


In short

  • Built-in mastering sound design
  • Lifts your mixes to the next level
  • The true analog sound of the Drawmer 1973 multi-band compressor
  • Parallel compression possible with wet/dry mix knob
  • 'Air' switch can bring added polish and shine to your mix
  • Ten styles to choose from
  • No USB iLok key required
  • Product features


    • Left and right VU meters monitoring output levels per channel
    • Amount knob increases processing along professionally designed gradients
    • Ten styles in three categories (Clean, Bass Control, and Spatial)
    • Air switch for a shimmering high frequency boost
    • Dry/wet mix knob
    • Control output gain for volume-neutral A/B comparison
  • System requirements

    All Softube products require a computer with appropriate DAW host software (none of which are included).

    Versions from 2.5.18 and newer of the Softube plug-ins have the following minimum requirements:

    All native versions

    • Mac OS X 10.13 or newer (older OS versions will not work)
    • Windows 10 64-bit (older Windows versions may work but are not tested)
    • Mac: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon - M1 support pending
    • Windows: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon / AMD Quad-Core or newer
    • Screen resolution larger than 1280x800
    • 8 GB RAM or more is recommended, as well as at least 8 GB hard disk space for installation (individual plug-ins take less space, while sample libraries may require additional disk space. Specific information available on each instrument’s page).
    • Softube account
    • iLok account
    • Internet access for downloading installers and managing licenses
    • iLok generation 2 and up, if you intend to use an iLok key for authorizing your plug-ins (note that a physical iLok USB key is not a requirement)
    • In theory, any 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, or AAX (Pro Tools 11.0.2 or higher) compatible host application should work.

    However, due to plug-in host differences between DAWs - and our own rigorous testing standards - we only officially test our plug-ins and instruments in the most recent versions of Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One, Reaper and Cakewalk. Softube plugins are not tested in non-listed systems, but they most likely work as long as the system requirements are met. We cannot guarantee a solution for issues in unsupported systems.

    Note: Softube plug-ins support 64-bit hosts only, and a 64-bit OS is required.

    Note: With regards to the different VST formats, we strongly recommend using VST3 as some of our plug-ins have features that are not present in the older VST formats.

    Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, in both mono and stereo.

    The most recent maintenance release of your DAW application is recommended. AAX DSP is not currently in active development. TDM/VENUE are no longer supported (old downloads are available on the Legacy Installers page)

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